wordpress live chat

WordPress has a number of popular options for live chat and most of them are actually good. This further intensifies your dilemma of choosing the right WordPress live chat plugin/service. Without any further delay, this article would directly delve into comparing two of the most downloadable WordPress live chat......

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WordPress Support Plugin

Previously we have written comparison between several WordPress Support plugins. But, this article is written keeping Woocommerce in mind. This article is for you if you are a WooCommerce store owner and is looking for a helpdesk solution. In this article we won’t be delving deep into the features......

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This article guides you through different topics like what are chatbots? why are they important, how chatbots are used by companies for marketing and some of the effective tips to build a chatbot conversation. What are chatbots? Bots are nothing but software that does automated tasks. Bots coming under chat......

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